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List Of Constituencies (National Assembly)

Punjab Sindh KPK Balochistan
NA-48 (Islamabad)
NA-49 (Islamabad)
NA-50 (Rawalpindi)
NA-51 (Rawalpindi)
NA-52 (Rawalpindi)
NA-53 (Rawalpindi)
NA-54 (Rawalpindi)
NA-55 (Rawalpindi)
NA-56 (Rawalpindi)
NA-57 (Attock)
NA-58 (Attock)
NA-59 (Attock)
NA-60 (Chakwal)
NA-61 (Chakwal)
NA-62 (Jhelum)
NA-63 (Jhelum)
NA-64 (Sargodha)
NA-65 (Sargodha)
NA-66 (Sargodha)
NA-67 (Sargodha)
NA-68 (Sargodha)
NA-69 (Khushab)
NA-70 (Khushab)
NA-71 (Mianwali)
NA-72 (Mianwali)
NA-73 (Bhakkar)
NA-74 (Bhakkar)
NA-75 (Faisalabad)
NA-76 (Faisalabad)
NA-77 (Faisalabad)
NA-78 (Faisalabad)
NA-79 (Faisalabad)
NA-80 (Faisalabad)
NA-81 (Faisalabad)
NA-82 (Faisalabad)
NA-83 (Faisalabad)
NA-84 (Faisalabad)
NA-85 (Faisalabad)
NA-86 (Jhang)
NA-87 (Jhang)
NA-88 (Jhang)
NA-89 (Jhang)
NA-90 (Jhang)
NA-91 (Jhang)
NA-92 (Toba Tek Singh)
NA-93 (Toba Tek Singh)
NA-94 (Toba Tek Singh)
NA-95 (Gujranwala)
NA-96 (Gujranwala)
NA-97 (Gujranwala)
NA-98 (Gujranwala)
NA-99 (Gujranwala)
NA-100 (Gujranwala)
NA-101 (Gujranwala)
NA-102 (Hafizabad)
NA-103 (Hafizabad)
NA-104 (Gujrat)
NA-105 (Gujrat)
NA-106 (Gujrat)
NA-107 (Gujrat)
NA-108 (Mandi Baha ud Din)
NA-109 (Mandi Baha ud Din)
NA-110 (Sialkot)
NA-111 (Sialkot)
NA-112 (Sialkot)
NA-113 (Sialkot)
NA-114 (Sialkot)
NA-115 (Narowal)
NA-116 (Narowal)
NA-117 (Narowal)
NA-118 (Lahore)
NA-119 (Lahore)
NA-120 (Lahore)
NA-121 (Lahore)
NA-122 (Lahore)
NA-123 (Lahore)
NA-124 (Lahore)
NA-125 (Lahore)
NA-126 (Lahore)
NA-127 (Lahore)
NA-128 (Lahore)
NA-129 (Lahore)
NA-130 (Lahore)
NA-131 (Sheikhupura)
NA-132 (Sheikhupura)
NA-133 (Sheikhupura)
NA-134 (Sheikhupura)
NA-135 (Sheikhupura)
NA-136 (Sheikhupura)
NA-137 (Sheikhupura)
NA-138 (Kasur)
NA-139 (Kasur)
NA-140 (Kasur)
NA-141 (Kasur)
NA-142 (Kasur)
NA-143 (Okara)
NA-144 (Okara)
NA-145 (Okara)
NA-146 (Okara)
NA-147 (Okara)
NA-148 (Multan)
NA-149 (Multan)
NA-150 (Multan)
NA-151 (Multan)
NA-152 (Multan)
NA-153 (Multan)
NA-154 (Lodhran)
NA-155 (Lodhran)
NA-156 (Khanewal)
NA-157 (Khanewal)
NA-158 (Khanewal)
NA-159 (Khanewal)
NA-160 (Sahiwal)
NA-161 (Sahiwal)
NA-162 (Sahiwal)
NA-163 (Sahiwal)
NA-164 (Pakpattan)
NA-165 (Pakpattan)
NA-166 (Pakpattan)
NA-167 (Vehari)
NA-168 (Vehari)
NA-169 (Vehari)
NA-170 (Vehari)
NA-171 (Dera Ghazi Khan)
NA-172 (Dera Ghazi Khan)
NA-173 (Dera Ghazi Khan)
NA-174 (Rajanpur)
NA-175 (Rajanpur)
NA-176 (Muzaffargarh)
NA-177 (Muzaffargarh)
NA-178 (Muzaffargarh)
NA-179 (Muzaffargarh)
NA-180 (Muzaffargarh)
NA-181 (Layyah)
NA-182 (Layyah)
NA-183 (Bahawalpur)
NA-184 (Bahawalpur)
NA-185 (Bahawalpur)
NA-186 (Bahawalpur)
NA-187 (Bahawalpur)
NA-188 (Bahawalnagar)
NA-189 (Bahawalnagar)
NA-190 (Bahawalnagar)
NA-191 (Bahawalnagar)
NA-192 (Rahim yar Khan)
NA-193 (Rahim yar Khan)
NA-194 (Rahimyarkhan)
NA-195 (Rahimyarkhan)
NA-196 (Rahimyarkhan)
NA-197 (Rahimyarkhan)
NA-198 (Sukkur)
NA-199 (Sukkur)
NA-200 (Ghotki)
NA-201 (Ghotki)
NA-202 (Shikarpur)
NA-203 (Shikarpur)
NA-204 (Larkana)
NA-205 (Larkana)
NA-206 (Larkana)
NA-207 (Larkana)
NA-208 (Jacobabad)
NA-209 (Jacobabad)
NA-210 (Jacobabad)
NA-211 (Naushero Feroze)
NA-212 (Naushero Feroze)
NA-213 (Nawabshah)
NA-214 (Nawabshah)
NA-215 (Khairpur)
NA-216 (Khairpur)
NA-217 (Khairpur)
NA-218 (Hyderabad)
NA-219 (Hyderabad)
NA-220 (Hyderabad)
NA-221 (Hyderabad)
NA-222 (Hyderabad)
NA-223 (Hyderabad)
NA-224 (Badin)
NA-225 (Badin)
NA-226 (Mirpurkhas)
NA-227 (Mirpurkhas)
NA-228 (Mirpurkhas)
NA-229 (Tharparkar)
NA-230 (Tharparkar)
NA-231 (Dadu)
NA-232 (Dadu)
NA-233 (Dadu)
NA-234 (Sanghar)
NA-235 (Sanghar)
NA-236 (Sanghar)
NA-237 (Thatta)
NA-238 (Thatta)
NA-239 (Karachi)
NA-240 (Karachi)
NA-241 (Karachi)
NA-242 (Karachi)
NA-243 (Karachi)
NA-244 (Karachi)
NA-245 (Karachi)
NA-246 (Karachi)
NA-247 (Karachi)
NA-248 (Karachi)
NA-249 (Karachi)
NA-250 (Karachi)
NA-251 (Karachi)
NA-252 (Karachi)
NA-253 (Karachi)
NA-254 (Karachi)
NA-255 (Karachi)
NA-256 (Karachi)
NA-257 (Karachi)
NA-258 (Karachi)
saad NA-1 (Peshawar)
NA-2 (peshawar)
NA-3 (Peshawar)
NA-4 (Peshawar)
NA-5 (Nowshera)
NA-6 (Nowshera (ii))
NA-7 (Charsada)
NA-8 (Charsada)
NA-9 (Mardan)
NA-10 (Mardan)
NA-11 (Mardan)
NA-12 (Swabi)
NA-13 (Swabi)
NA-14 (Kohat)
NA-15 (Karak)
NA-16 (hungu)
NA-17 (Abbotabad)
NA-18 (Abbottabad)
NA-19 (Haripur)
NA-20 (Manshera)
NA-21 (Manshera)
NA-22 (Battagram)
NA-23 (kohistan-1)
NA-24 (dera ismail khan)
NA-25 (Dera ismail khan)
NA-26 (Bannu)
NA-27 (Laki marwat)
NA-28 (Bunair)
NA-29 (Swat)
NA-30 (Swat)
NA-31 (shangla)
NA-32 (chitral)
NA-33 (Upper Dir)
NA-34 (Lower Dir)
NA-35 (Malakand)
NA-36 (tribal area)
NA-37 (Tribal Area)
NA-38 (Tribal Area)
NA-39 (Tribal Area)
NA-40 (Tribal Area)
NA-41 (Tribal Area)
NA-42 (Tribal Area)
NA-43 (Tribal Area)
NA-44 (Tribal Area)
NA-45 (Tribal Area)
NA-46 (Tribal Area)
NA-47 (Tribal Area)
NA-259 (Quetta)
NA-260 (Quetta)
NA-261 (Pishin-cum-Ziarat)
NA-262 (Killa Abdullah)
NA-263 (Loralai)
NA-264 (Zhob)
NA-265 (Sibi)
NA-266 (Nasirabad)
NA-267 (Kachhi)
NA-268 (Kalat)
NA-269 (Khuzdar)
NA-270 (Lasbela)
NA-271 (Panjgur)
NA-272 (Gwadar)

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